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Enough of the Putin Worship!

Originally posted on Real Currencies:

(Left: Grand Master Putin. But his game is poker, not chess.)

“We will strive to ensure a new world order, one that meets current geopolitical realities, and one that develops smoothly and without unnecessary upheaval.”

Oh, how Putin hates the Jews and New World Order!

Oh, how Putin hates the Jews and New World Order!

“I recently had a talk with Henry Kissinger. I meet with him regularly. I fully share this consummate professional’s thesis that close and trusting interactions between Moscow and Washington are particularly important in periods of international turbulence.”
Putin in ‘Russia and the Changing World‘ 2012.

Russia’s central bank is Rothschild and oversaw the proliferation of commercial banking in post-Soviet Russia. ‘Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws’……

Who created the Oil boom that allowed Russia to rebuild its army? Why, the US Empire in its quest to defend the Petrodollar of course! When will…

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Watch “The Psychology of Cognitive Dissonance – The Eyeopener” on YouTube

This is the definition of cognitive dissonance.

The Nfotainment publishing company is dead set on breaking this barrier using intelligence, art, and lots of persistence.

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Credit – Sibel Edmonds and the boiling frog post as well as James Corbett and the Corbett report. People of integrity and honesty.