Health Is Freedom

In this blog i will share health information, tactics, strategies and solutions for overcoming our health issues. This should be edifying and satisfying and I really hope you will join me on this journey toward excellent overall health freedom!

Being healthy starts with knowledge and ends with its application. Knowing how to handle stress, eating well, drinking well, sleeping well, and in general living well are things that can be done on a budget if not completely free. They have exponential effects on your personal, financial, and professional life as well as your physical, mental and spiritual life.

Here is a great video about handling stress and it’s effects on the body in the link below:
Rethinking Stress — And What You Can Do About It:

Human beings are meant to be healthy and get healthier, not get sick and grow more ill. Unfortunately the latter is what we are as a society experiencing at this current point in history. I believe these things are avoidable.  We see that the body and mind are built with repair mechanism imbedded within them. These built in tools for health can be sharpened and enhanced. This takes place with education and implementation. This is called wisdom. The ultimate form of health.









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